Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crazy Miraculous Day

Well, after a little more stress getting the baby here, not progressing quickly as we thought, all did turn out well and both Mom, baby, Dad and happy brother and sisters are all doing well.

It truly is a miracle as a lot of you know to see a new little person come into this world and suddenly take that first breath of life. Amazing! I was chanting X-Y, X-Y, X-Y as we approached the final push---BUT it didn't help.

We have girl number three! No name yet as we were fairly focused on baby boy. As for other stats, well we decided to play it safe and not post info just in case, but look for a separate email or you'll hear it through the grapevine. Suffice it to say she was not quite as heavy as CT but comes in as #2 in weight/length.

As the kids came in the room and we asked them to tell us whether they thought the baby was boy/girl, they all went boy and I told CT it was still just me and him, to which he later commented "We'll still love her anyway." and Madison fairly quickly remarked, "Dang it" cause she knows she'll eventually be sharing a room with "2" sisters. Megan well she just enjoys looking and holding teh baby. CT does indeed like the idea of having his own room in the future too.

So here she is moments after bath and as the bows were pulled out, I said she may be a girl but Carter and I get to choose the color---I knew what color he'd go for. . .no not for BYU (as that only works when watching an actual sports game) but rather blue for Spiderman or Superman--take your pick. And yes, he is very aware of supergirl and spidergirl.

More later and finished scrapbook pages soon with the very enjoyable group of med students and 1 year RNs, we were blessed in many ways today.

Houston we have baby

We have baby! Gender and some stats (maybe?) after the big reveal to
the kids on their way over. Place your guesses in the comments to see
if your intuition is on today.

Some hurry and scurry after a little concern, but everything appears
to be good. Mom and baby doing well.

Still waiting and

Upped the pitocin.
Dr here and just checked: baby turned posterior or up (not a good
thing) but at a 7 and 80%, need the baby to come down more to try and

Calm before the storm

See not much happening, so if the water breaking doesn't help I'm sure
they will still push the pitocin.

Resting and waiting

Not much going on now except resting and waiting until about 9:30 when
they'll break her water and see how she progresses.

The ring test

Since we dont know gender of the baby, Nurse Shanna offered up a "new"
scientific study she read about:

Take a strand of mom's hair and tie it around a wedding ring then hold
over mommy's tummy. If the ring swings in a round circular motion it's
a girl, if it swings in a pendulum motion it's a boy.

With three measurements by nurse and daddy, the test says boy. So
we'll see, nurse Shanna said it was right on for a girl the other day.

Here we go

After a few weeks of some smaller worry with below normal amniotic
fluids, we are here at IMC getting induced.

While all of the other deliveries have been 'natural starting, the
doctor wanted to make sure the antibiotics were in and a little more
controlled time frame to ensure biggest benefit.

So K is IVed ready starting at 5cm and 80% effaced. Nurse Shanna (a
Utah implant from Alabama) wants to wait on the pitocin for a bit. She
just came on shift and all going as normal and quickly as the others,
she will hopefully be our nurse the whole time.

More to come. . .