Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Blog Is Born

It seems almost a bit ironic doesn't it? A guy and his family who are soooo into technology and most things digital, would be so late getting into the 'blog' thing.

So, as I lay here in bed at a late hour typing this on my iPhone, while watching the news and the debut of BMX racing in the olympics (fast forwarding the commercials--thanks TiVo), here's what we hope for our blog:

We hope for good spelling and grammar--but it won't always happen.

We hope for current and great 'nuggets' of news, tips, favorites, how-to's, and of course technology--but we can't post as often as we'd like and sometimes what's great about life is the plain and simple of a single day or moment.

We hope our blog grows and that you feel welcome and at home--but we know you're just as busy or more, so stop by as often as you can.

And we hope our blog gives you a glimpse into what matters most to us--our family.

Finally, we hope there is some benefit to you from being here at our blog. This can best be said from one of our new favorite inspirations:

"Don't tell people how to live their lives. Just tell them stories and they'll figure out how the stories apply to them." -Randy Pausch, Professor and Author, The Last Lecture.

C-ya around ;)