Thursday, August 21, 2008

Provo Canyon

Last weekend we were in Provo Canyon for a small family gathering. As usual it was hot, the kids were busy playing (running to and fro between playground equipment and the river bank), and I had the camera out trying to capture a few of the small joys of the afternoon.

Now being that we don't have a fan-tabulous new digi-SLR camera (please Santa bring me something nice), our little Canon Elph is the main go to camera and I can't say enough about how much bang for the buck it has given us over the couple of years we have had it.

Here's some pics of the kids:

(Click in the lower left corner to see the individual images)

Question: What do you get when you take 9 overlapping shots of the "big mountain" (as the kids would say) in front of you and mix in a little Adobe Photoshop?

Answer: "Flying High" - Unlike my "Majestic Color" panaromic from last fall, this sky is the original and can you spot the eagle? I didn't until I got them home and Photoshop stitched them together. Hint: look just right of center in the sky or individual #6, it's small but it's there. If you have the ability to zoom in somehow you'll see it better.

(Click in the lower left corner to see the individual images)

Yes, I did a little correction and extra color saturation to make things a little more vivid. You should be able to tell the difference from the individual shots and final. I can't wait to get this one printed out! Looks good on 11" paper, but as panoramic print from Costco it will look even better.


grandmapeg said...

Great pictures!! My friend Jill has a blog and so I'm just getting to know about these things, so I'm thrilled that you guys have one!