Sunday, October 26, 2008

'The Project'

I have a fairly monsterous project that's been naggin for ooooo 14ish years. It's the boxes of old family photos we pulled from Grandma Doris' house. I've carted them around in a couple of boxes over the years and knew they needed to be sort through and some how documented and preserved. But just kept ignoring it. . .until last year at the Stuart family reunion, I realized Dad's not getting any younger and neither are any of Grandma's siblings, who are the few people who can help connect the dots with what we've got.

So I began to do a rough sort of the content for well on a few hours last year, but then things got really busy with work and all, but did manage to pull out a couple of slides and negative film most of which is at least 60 years old!! I began to relearn scanning with a new scanner that could handle various sizes/types of scans. (If you are in the market for one the Epson V500 is your biggest bang for the buck)

I've dabbled and displayed in my classes the basics of what I'm doing. Yah, I do Photoshop, but this is different Photoshoping. It's bringing people back to life and learning about family who got us to now. It's amazing what can be done!!

So these are just some quick edits and touch ups, now that I'm borrowing a small slide viewer to actually see what the heck I've got. Now remember you are seeing content from 60+ year old slides, often not well kept through the years AND your seeing the after a few quick tricks to spruce them up a bit. Sometime I'll have to show some before and after edits. Tonight's samples:

Remember you can click any image in the show, to go to the respective Google photo album to see them larger and zoom in if you want.


abelnap said...

Cool project, guys. THe pictures look great!

I'm tagging you. Well, Kristy really. If she has a separate blog, I don't know about it :-) So, TAG. You're it.

Andy said...

ha ha! I found you. Thanks to Allison and her tagging. Hope you don't mind if I check in with you guys every now and then through my google reader.

bmac said...

WE LOVE VISITORS!! but are WAAAAAYYY behind in posting and other things.